Railway & Train

Boston train operates two rail networks, one is the subway and the other is the national common user railroad network. The subway normally runs at and above the surface level including light rail and streetcar operations along with traditional subway technology.

The two systems of networks are not connected but operate alongside each other. Boston train allows interchange or passenger at the interchange stations between the two rail services.

Boston train system has one of the oldest subway networks in U.S. Today owned and operated by MBTA is the fourth busiest in the country. Where most of the portion is powered by the third rail, a few of the portion is still powered by over headlines. Boston train system operates on fixed schedules with no mechanism to inform commuters of the train’s exact location and time until arrivals.

Most of the underground railway was built as elevated railways. The Redline is one of the old-style elevated Boston train systems. Various public and private sector companies own common user rail network. The services are operated by MBCR in contract with MBTA.

Amtrak operates intercity train travel Boston services and Trackage rights allow trains to operate on tracks owned by others. The Purple line brings people from far off places into Boston.

The Purple line Boston train covers nearly 125,000 one-way trips per day making it the fifth busiest rail system in the country. North station and South station are two major rail terminals in Boston. There are no direct rail connections between the two and interchanging involves the use of two entirely different subways. Four intercity rail services serve the Boston city operated by Amtrak.

CSX is the only class I freight rail serving the Boston train system having trackage rights over much of the southern half. Pan Am Railways is the only Class II freight railroad service operating in the Boston area. It operates its lines from North to West of Boston. Both the North and South railway system runs a joined owned freight corridor known as Patriot corridor linking Albany to Boston.