Bus Services

The Boston bus services operate around one hundred and sixty-two bus routes within the area including 375,000 one-way trips per day. This makes the Boston bus service the sixth-busiest bus service in the country. The system also includes four of the trolley bus lines which are among few remaining in the U.S. and are basically operated in the city of Cambridge.

The minimum basic bus fares start from $1.25 with facilities of monthly passes for its commuters. The MBTA and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system put in efforts to provide Silver Line services that are intermediate in speed and capacity to run between subways and buses. The Boston bus service operates trolleybus tunnels, on-street bus lanes and in general street traffic for Boston bus travel.

Apart from this South station acts as one of the major bus depots for the inter-city travel services Boston. Buses like Peter Pan and Greyhound operate from these stations. These Boston bus services provide low costing bus service running its services between the city of Boston and their New York hubs with services like Megabus and Boltbus. Apart from comfort, these services are also very economical for the people of Boston.

Several other companies also operate trolley service for Boston traveling. The MBTA operates a large number of the bus line in the Boston area. The Boston bus service brings passengers from around other areas to stop on rail lines.

The fleet usually consists of low floor buses accompanied with wheelchair ramps. It is also equipped with audio/visual technology. The bus displays route and destination signs along with automatic stopping announcements.

The MBTA also does provide operating subsidies to certain private bus companies. These are made available by the Boston bus service only for certain routes. These are known as Hi-Ride commuter bus service as they are not numbered or mapped. Their services are different as compared to integral bus services. These bus services do not accept MBTA monthly commuters passes.