Things to Do in Boston

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. The city offers many dining venues, dance clubs, comedy clubs, and other things for people to enjoy.

Where is Boston? Boston is situated on the eastern coast of Massachusetts. Boston, incorporated in 1630, is one of the oldest cities in America. Many people visit Boston each year to experience the rich history that this city has to offer. There are many sights to see and activities to partake in while in the Boston area.

Dance Clubs in Boston

There are several dance clubs located in the Boston area. Dancing and club hopping can be a fun way to burn calories and have fun at the same time. Kells of Boston is a nightclub/restaurant with an Irish-American feel. Venu is a popular dance club that features hip-hop, Latin, or techno music depending on the night of the week. Gypsy Bar is an upbeat bar that features house music.

Comedy Clubs in Boston

Those that are in the mood to laugh should check out Dick’s Beantown Comedy Vault, which is located below Remington’s Restaurant. ImprovBoston is another comedy club where people can go to enjoy a laugh while watching stand-up comedians. This club is family-friendly and offers a slew of improv classes however, no drinks or dining are offered at this location making it easier not to destroy one’s diet with beer and unhealthy food.

Live Music Venues in Boston

Many bars and restaurants in the Boston area offer live music at certain times during the week. Hurricane O’Reilly’s is an Irish bar with a New Orleans feel where people can enjoy dancing and live music. TT The Bear also features live bands depending on the day of the week. Regular shows are offered at Berklee College of Music.

Boston Tourist Attractions

Sometimes, doing traditional “touristy” activities can be very enjoyable. People can take a tour provided by the Boston Duck Tour, which is available at sundown. Boston’s Prudential Building features a rooftop deck, which is usually open until as late as 10 pm. People can enjoy panoramic views of the Boston area from this vantage point. The Ghosts and Gravestones tour is available for people that wish to take a tour around some of Boston’s most “haunted” locations and parts of town.

Other Leisure Activities

Boston offers several leisure activities for people that are simply looking for relatively non-abrasive activities. A stroll down Boston’s North End takes you into the old Italian neighborhood. During the baseball season, visitors can check out the Red Sox game; they usually start at around 7:15 pm. The Museum of Fine Arts is open until 10:00 on certain days of the week.