Interesting Facts about Old North Church in Boston: History and Architecture

The Old North Church at Boston is believed to be the place where the famous signal for war, at the time of the American Revolution was sent. The signal read as “One if by Land” and “Two if by sea”. It is related to Paul Revere’s midnight ride in April 1775. Paul Revere was an American Patriot at that time.

This church has a heap of national historic significances, as it is the oldest active church in Boston. The church has a life-size statue of George Washington, which perhaps according to the visitors the best statue of him. British architect Christopher Wren was the architect of the Church. He was the one who was summoned upon to rebuild London after the Great Fire.

The church nicely preserves the Lanterns used by Paul Revere to signal the advancing threats of the war. President Gerald Ford in 1975 gave a nationally televised speech and hung the third lantern by the window of the church. This symbolizes America’s third century of freedom. Many other eminent personalities were associated with the church. The place also has a crypt, which has an estimated 1100 bodies buried.

The church has got eight changing ringing bells which were manufactured in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1744. It started functioning in 1745. They are well maintained and are nicely operational. According to the history books, the original steeple was destroyed by Storm of October in 1804. It was renovated by Charles Bulfinch in 1954. The church stands tall today with a height of 175 feet.