Paul Revere House – Historic Boston

Paul Revere, one of the legendary figures in the history of America, lived in a small house in Boston which is now a historic memorial and sings the melancholic strains of America’s plight under British oppression. So when a foreign visitor or a local man steps inside the Paul Revere House his head bows down in awe and reverence.

The old Paul Revere House was built in the year 1680 after it was totally burnt to ashes in 1676. According to history, the House was built first by a merchant. In the year 1770, it was purchased by the lion-heart, Paul Revere. He shifted here with his family after purchasing the old building.

Paul Revere occupied the house for 30 years. Then he sold the house in the year 1800. It was 1902 when the grandson of Paul Revere to perpetuate his grandfather’s memory again purchased the historic Paul Revere House.

After a few years, an Association was born to reconstruct the heritage building once more. They had a noble mission to make the house a museum where the things used by Paul Revere and the members of his family would be kept.

Their initiation was fructified when the Paul Revere House was again open to the general people to pay homage to the Brave-Heart and to have an idea of the man who was the master of the house. In 1908 the house was open to all as a Museum. Still today the Association takes proper care of the Paul Revere House turned Museum. The House is regarded as one of the oldest historic treasures of the US.

In the Paul Revere House, there are the things used by Paul Revere and the members of his family for display. Though the house was renovated it could not shake off the old architectural grandeur. It is felt when one steps into the house for the first time. The old past flashes vividly before the eyes. The Paul Revere House is open daily for the visitors on Boston Massachusetts travel without any entry fee.