Old South Meeting House – Historic Boston

To complete your Boston MA travel, there is this Old South Meeting House. As the name itself indicates that the old south meeting house is the place for conducting meetings, discussions, etc. The building is found in Boston city and they are considered as the largest building in Boston during the year 1729. The old south meeting house was completed and established during the year 1729 with its height 56m steeple.

Before the 17th century, the old south meeting house was occupied by the British and it was completely destroyed while during the great Boston fire of 1872. After that, the old south meeting house was renewed with some parts inside and has been considered as an important place for gathering inside to conduct meetings and discussions about the important aspects of the growth of the nations.

During the American Revolution period, this building was named as mouth-house. Now, in recent times, the old south meeting house has been declared as the public’s museum and also to some important meetings will be conducted about the important issues of a particular day.

Boston’s tea party was started inside the old south meeting house as more than 5000 colonists gathered inside the building on December 16th of 1773 in order to discuss the tax removal on Tea.

Many events are conducted inside the museum for public visitors in order to know more about the meeting house. As such, during the 20th century, the old south meeting house launched the general discussions to the public which is known as the old south forum.

In order to take part the active participation and know more about the old south meeting house, membership can be obtained from the house where members can avail free admission inside the house on all working days.

Special invites to the members for all important meetings. Even members can avail of a 10% discount for all purchases made inside the museum shops. Membership can be obtained by filling out the form which is done online too.