King’s Chapel – Historic Boston

King’s chapel is a famous church which is located in Boston near the corner of School Street and Tremont Street. King’s chapel Boston is a Christian Unitarian church founded in the year 1686 by Royal Governor Andros which is the first Anglican Church of England during the period of King James -2.

King’s chapel Boston was then dedicated on June 15th, 1689. As the building was in a bad condition during the 18thcentury, Peter Harrison who is from Newport designed the outlook of the church and the construction was started accordingly once again in the year 1749.

During the American Revolution, few king chapel’s members were continuing to worship in the old meeting house as kings chapel Boston was remained closed during the year 1776 for a short few months and also it was named “The stone chapel”.

Ministers and assistant ministers are appointed in order to take control of the church. So, as a minister, James freeman has been appointed. After his resignation, there was no other minister for the church for a short period of time.

Then later during the year 1783, Harvard graduate was elected as a minister. After the arrival of Harvard, king’s chapel Boston has got its change rapidly. He introduced Unitarian ideas while preaching and also an Anglican book of common prayer which are included along with the Unitarian principle. All the changes and principles were accepted in the month of June 1785.

Everyone is invited inside the church and prayers are conducted inside the church. Morning prayers are at 11 am on all Sundays and also midday prayers will be conducted by 12.15 pm on all Wednesdays all over the year. Many people including the tourists on Boston MA travel to visit the church and take part in the prayers. Apart from this, there are lots of musical events takes place inside the king’s chapel Boston church where the youngsters take part in the music concerts.