Harrison Gray Otis House – Historic Boston

Harrison Gray Otis House is a non-profit museum located in the following address: 141, Cambridge Street, Boston, MA. There are three Harrison gray Otis houses in which Harrison Otis lived in during the year between 1789 to 1848. Owned by England organization, the first house is a three-storied building located in the above-mentioned address. And it was designed by Harrison Otis’s friend Charles bullfinch.

The second Harrison gray Otis house is situated in the following address: 85, Mount Vermont Street. Harrison Otis lived here till the year 1806. Here, Charles bullfinch designed the first floor and the building’s balconies with iron.

Finally, the third house is located at the address: 45, Beacon Street. This house is comparatively large from the two other buildings. Harrison Otis lived in this house till his death in the year of 1848.

The Harrison Gray Otis House is opened from Wednesdays to Sundays and closed on other days and public holidays. Admission costs for the museum range from $8 to $24 which depending upon the number of family members. However, the admission is free to the members and Boston resident people. If you are on group Boston travel, group tickets can be bought in advance.

All three houses are opened as a museum and inside the museum, several programs and events are conducted. Several shops are available inside for the locals and tourists. In order to keep in close contact and know more about the museum, Harrison gray Otis house offers membership facilities to all people living in Boston.

Membership fee costs $45 per head and some major facilities inside the house can be accessible for unlimited passage. Besides, discounted admissions are available for all the events and programs, and guide facility for the members as complimentary. Thus members attain more benefits.