First African Baptist Church – Historic Boston

The first African Baptist Church was established on August 8th, 1805, which can be said for the black community in Boston. This is the only place in Boston that is controlled by the blacks and the church is even organized with twenty members.

The church early record says that black people worship along with white people. The blacks were not treated equally and some separate seats were allotted inside the church for them which blacks couldn’t tolerate this kind of incident and they have planned to make their own place of worship which is finally called as first African Baptist Church.

Even the first African Baptist Church was also considered as the school for the blacks till the year 1834. Also, it was the meeting house for the political and anti-slavery meetings where some meetings take place inside.

On December 4, 1806, Thomas Paul was the pastor of the First African Baptist Church. The church was controlled by Thomas till the year 1829 and further he could not continue as his health was in a bad condition which made him resign. Later in 1831, Thomas expired.

At the year of 1898, First African Baptist Church has changed its name to St. Paul’s Baptist Church. As the major population of black has decided to move to the south end from Beacon Hill, a Jewish congregation purchased the meeting house. Then the building has been renewed by the Unitarian Association and hence named as the new South Free Church.

During the year 1915, Reverend Aaron Fuller was the pastor of the church where people from Baptist Church appointed. After his period till 1918, Dr, DAVID SIMPSON became the pastor. Like this several pastors were appointed during the 20th century. As such during the 21st century, the church has begun to poise its transition to fulfill the god’s purposes which are worship, fellowship, ministry, discipleship, and evangelism. Any interests in this? You should manage a Boston travel visiting this church.