Bunker Hill Monument – Historic Boston

In remembrance of the battle of 1775, The Bunker Hill Monument Association built a monument in the year 1843 at the battle spot. Later on, it became famous as the Bunker Hill Monument.

The Bunker Hill Monument was under the careful adoration of the Bunker Hill Monument Association till 1919. But later on, the Boston National Historical Park was appointed to take proper care of the historic Monument.

The Bunker Hill Monument is built with granite stone is 221 feet tall. If one will one can go to the top trampling 294 steps. The Bunker Hill Monument is the second tallest monument in the US. From the top of the Monument, one can have the bird’s eye view of the city of Boston.

The Bunker Hill Museum is open for general visitors on Boston travel from 9 AM to 5 PM. At 4.30 PM the climbing of the historic monument is totally restricted. There is no entry fee to pay a visit to the Monument.

The Bunker Hill Monument reminds the old battle and the bravery of the men who laid their lives for the upkeep of the honor of their own colonial settlement. The British Force totally equipped forced the settlers to submit. But the defeat was glorious to the settlers.

Hence to show respect to the die-hard brave soldiers the monument was erected. In front of the monument, there is a statue of Colonel Prescott who led the battle.

The Bunker Hill Monument is such a historical relic that not only rouses the remembrances of the heroic battle but always is regarded as a symbol of brevity and valor. The Boston travel to the historic monument can not but fills the heart with a strong sense of pathos mingled with awe and honor.

The Bunker Hill Monument is regarded as a national treasure and every citizen of the US feels proud of it.