Hatch Shell

The Hatch Shell is located at the Boston Esplanade and has become a favored attraction by visitors to Boston. To give a little overview as to its history, the Boston Esplanade or the Charles River Esplanade was created to put a dam on the mouth of the Charles River so instead of having tidal firth water, they were able to contain the freshwater to the Charles River Basin.

It was in 1910 when the basin and the Esplanade were created. The Hatch Shell, on the other hand, was constructed in 1941 to permanently have a concert shell at the Music Oval. Before its construction, they only put up a temporary type of concert shell to house the concert.

It only cost $300,000 at that time (which was then already a lot of money) to construct the new concert shell that we know today. From its construction back in 1941 that only cost $300,000 to build, it was renovated back in 1991 and the renovation cost summed up to about $4.5 million!

The name Hatch Shell is such a cool name for a concert venue that you won’t even think that its name was given back in the 1940s when “coolness” of words and language is not even known. Thanks to that, this concert venue is Boston’s epicenter for their large concerts and other open-air events.

You will be able to read some of the names of the greatest composers of all time for different music genres. What is most notable about this venue is that it hosts the annual 4th of July celebration of the people of Boston where the Boston Pops Orchestra annually plays for the people.

The Hatch Shell is a venue for free concerts every summer. You can find a free concert here most weekends as well as on weeknights. There are no permanent seating arrangements here though so usually concertgoers come here to watch the concerts while crowding up together while standing.

That is not really a problem as concertgoers would rather dance to the cool songs rather than sit and just watch their favorite bands and singers. Of course, for more formal concerts such as an orchestra, seats are placed to accommodate the audience.

From April to October, the Hatch Shell has several events to cater and it’s best to check out their listings to see what’s going on and when. There are different festivals and events to be hosted as well as classical concerts.

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Arlington Street & Mugar Way
Boston, MA 02116

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