Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall of Boston is of much importance among the historic buildings in the area. This historic building of Boston is constructed according to the Georgian style and has a convenient location at the ‘Faneuil Hall Marketplace’ in Boston. This area is known for the presence of a large number of street entertainment options, shops, restaurants, and food stalls. The history of the place can be traced back to the 1740s. For obtaining additional details on this popular historic building of Boston, our articles on travel-related topics would be a perfect choice.

The cradle of liberty, as is also known as, the Faneuil Hall is located near the waterfront is a site that has experienced several speeches by famous James Otis, Samuel Adams and others encouraging the independence, and is now a part of Boston Historical Park. The Hall was built in 1740 in the style resembling the English Country market with an assembly hall and open ground floor.

The ground floor was basically used to house African sheep bought from New Hampshire. The grasshopper weather wane is a symbol of knowledge, initially used to test people. In 1806, the Faneuil Hall added a third floor and four new bays to its structure. The renovation also added galleries to the hall to give it a new look. The entire hall is built of a noncombustible material to avoid fire. The building at present is a Historical Landmark.

Faneuil Hall is a part of the festival marketplace, including three long granite buildings, which also operates an outdoor-indoor mall and food eatery. The hall has been a site for many concession speeches and a headquarter to artillery company in the past. At present, it is rated as the most visited tourist site in America for Boston MA travel.

The grasshopper weather wane atop the Faneuil Hall was created in 1742. it is believed to be gilded with gold leaf and copper and weighs nearly eight pounds. It is a symbol of knowledge for the people of Boston. The hall hosted the most exciting meetings in the past. The hall has witnessed the events of the massacre. Completely destroyed in a fire in 1761, the hall was rebuilt again.

The Faneuil Hall has a much greater historical value than any other hall in America. Initially, the hall was built at the expense of a wealthy merchant of French, Peter Faneuil, in whose memory the hall still stands today. The first official public gathering was held in the hall on the occasion of eulogy of him.

For nearly 250 years the market place has played an important role in the lives of the people of Boston.

Going back in history, Boston has achieved quite a lot, hence giving America a great face. There is, for instance, the Faneuil Hall which is one of the greatest shopping and dining experiences as well as market place. While you spend your vacation in a hotel in Boston, just take your great moments and pay a visit to this place. 250 years down the lane, this place continues to be great. This is because it has played different roles which include


The shopping here has been far much achieved with the Faneuil marketplace holding over 100 carts and finest shops. The center holds more than 43 world’s unique pushcarts which are commonly referred to as “fleet.” This features the fabulous wares of North England. Taking your time to have a shopping break in this market place will greatly make you excited.


Entertainment here is the order of the day with others taking on the streets while others opt for entertainment in the marketplace halls. Just try stepping your foot in the entertainment hall and you will meet the great world-class jugglers, magicians, mimes among others. Your calendar of events is very important and with the entertainment, you can enjoy your stay in Boston.

The Faneuil Hall in Boston is also referred to as the Quincy market and it is one of the most important centers of tourist attraction in Boston. When you go down to the city you must ensure that you book your Boston hotels in advance to have an excellent time in the city.

What to expect at Faneuil Hall Marketplace?

If you want to have an exciting shopping experience in the city then the best signature stores are accessible where you can shop for the latest brands of clothing, bags, accessories and a lot more. Take a look at the stores:

  • – Ann Taylor
  • – Orvis
  • – Local Charm
  • – Barns and Nobles

So make sure that you go down to the Faneuil Hall marketplace for an exciting time in shopping, dining and a lot more.

This marketplace is one of the most popular places in Boston which everyone visits for a wonderful time. There are several shops, cafes and events to keep all visitors hooked the entire year-round. If you are looking to relax and grab some quick bite then take a look at the dining options available to you:

Go in for a friendly atmosphere and a cool sip of some of the best drinks along with excellent pub grub.

Dick’s Last Resort
Ideal for a great meal after all the shopping in the marketplace

Sam’s Cafe at Cheers
This cafe provides an amazing atmosphere where you can sip your hot coffee and tuck into all the delectable goodies on offer.

More Visitor Information for Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall Marketplace has much fun and entertaining events for visitors in 2011, like the “, Pour One More” Milk Event, Lil Peeps Grand Opening, and fantastic Ice Skating and more. You’ll find an endless amount of good shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs and more to explore.

If you’re already in the center of Boston, you may come to visit the magical place – Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It’s located near the waterfront and the Government Center. It was proclaimed as “The Cradle of Liberty” by our fathers in 1742. This magical place is melding the glorious history of Boston with today’s urban sophistication

Faneuil Hall Boston Restaurants Information

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is not only the shopping paradise for visitors, tasting delicacies at Faneuil Hall Marketplace is always an adventure. Faneuil Hall has 14 restaurants and pubs and the Quincy Marketplace Colonnade is comprised of other 35 food stalls.

Restaurants & Pubs – Come to eat, drink and be captivated at the 14 famous restaurants and pubs at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. You’re sure to have great unforgettable dining experience beneath beautiful glass canopies and at outdoor patio cafes.

As a UK-based chain of pan-Asian noodle bars, the first U.S. Wagamama in Faneuil Market Place provides the best full service for customers with its philosophy of “positive eating + positive living”. You can have starters, main meals, and desserts as you like. A featured fun game – spooky bod, gives you much more fun while eating. Its phone number is (617) 742-9242.

Located at South Market Building, Southwest Cafe, Cheers is an essential stop for tourists. You can enjoy typical American Cuisine and Brewery. Enormous burgers are served with French Fries & a sour pickle spear. Potato chips & a sour pickle spear are added to their scrumptious sandwiches. Various entrees are provided for customers. Try classic Diane’s desserts: Boston cream pie and Diane’s brownie sundae.

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant
You can find this restaurant in North Market Building, Street Level. McCormick & Schmick’s is considered to be the best seafood restaurant across the country due to its culinary excellence. Whether you’re coming to have lunch or dinner, you’re offered various menu options, like fresh seafood, aged steaks, poultry or simply a burger and a beer.

Boston Chipyard
Dessert lovers could never miss Boston Chipyard at North Canopy, Quincy Market. Come to eat and experience the finest and freshest chocolate chip cookies that can be served right from the oven. It offers many different flavors of chocolate chip cookies for you to choose from.

Ames Plow Tavern
This fantastic pub in Quincy Market is an oasis for visitors. Great service, reasonable prices and strong drinks and more are offered. Its cozy decor and great casual atmosphere make the little pub a nice place to have a good time in Faneuil Hall.

Other restaurants in Quincy Market building include

  • Anathem 617-720-5570
  • Dick’s Last Resort 617-267-8080
  • Gurgin Park Restaurant 617-227-2038
  • Ned Devines & Parris 617-248-9900
  • Quincy’s Place 617-723-3635
  • Zumas Tex Mex Cafe 617-367-9114
  • Kingfish Hall 617-523-5522
  • Salty Dog Seafood Grill 617-742-2094

Food Stalls
Thirty-five food stalls line the Quincy Marketplace to offer tourists a melting pot of fresh homemade delicacies from all over the world.

If you prefer Asian cuisine, stop in and experience the various Asian offerings at Bangkok Express – a fast food Thai kiosk, Megumi and Ueno Sushi. Traditional Asian foods, like tofu, sushi, soups, and various appetizers are served.

After coming to the Faneuil Hall marketplace, you can find various food stalls offering fresh and delicious seafood, including Boston Chowda, Fishermans Net, Walrus & Carpenter Raw and Boston & Maine Fish Co.

Quincy Market Colonnade has various offerings for snacks and beverages, like desserts, cafe, ice cream, and sandwiches, etc. Bagelville, Boston Cafe, West End Strollers and Sprinkles Ice Cream stand out among these various food stalls.

Hotels Near Faneuil Hall

Stay near the gateway to Boston! Richly surrounded by the best-loved locales in Boston, hotels near Faneuil Hall feature various characters and configurations. Lodging at one of them, you just step away from the convention center, proper restaurants, and shopping area. And history buffs won’t miss this district’s unique historic architectural charm.

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Benefits of Hotels Near Faneuil Hall

  • Located in downtown Boston with rich, graceful surroundings
  • Modern amenities, legendary hospitality with historic architectural charm
  • Plenty of rooms constructed in various configurations
  • Favored by businessmen attending forum meetings or heading for the marketplace
  • Also a wise choice for history buffs and antique aficionados

Hotels near Faneuil Hall just put you close to the best-loved locales in Boston. As the gateway to this city, Faneuil Hall sits near the waterfront and Government Center. Finding a proper restaurant or hitting the best shopping are by no means difficult matters. Served as a marketplace and a meeting hall, it was constructed in 1742 by Peter Faneuil and expanded in 1806 by Charles Bulfinch. If you are heading for a meeting, choosing a property near Faneuil Hall is definitely wise. At the same time, admiring this district’s historic architectural charm will be a real bonus.

Only three blocks away from Faneuil Hall, stands the four-diamond luxury Boston Omni Parker House Hotel. After an extensive $30 million dollar renovation and restoration, this hotel in Boston made an excited come back with updated up-scale modern amenities and also classic architectural elegance. As a landmark since 1855, it has been one of America’s longest continuously-operating hotels. Today, it serves numerous guests every year with 15 stories of 551 guest rooms featuring different characters and configurations. Whether you are on business or making a historic getaway, always find something to do here. Of note, history buffs won’t miss the historical talks every thirty minutes in Faneuil Hall.

Hotels Near Faneuil Hall & Official Site Links

1. Boston Harbor Hotel
70 Rowes Wharf Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 439-7000
Official Website:

2. Omni Parker House
60 School St Boston, MA 02108
Phone: (617) 227-8600, (888) 444-6664
Official Website: