Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston

Boston Luxury Hotel at the Fairmont Copley Plaza

Enjoy history, great food, and the Red Sox in Boston, Massachusetts. A notable place to stay, for location, service, and a bit of history is the Fairmont Copley Plaza.

From the moment the guest steps out of their car or taxi in front of the hotel, The Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston staff begins to deliver superior service. One may even be greeted by Catie Copley the “Canine Ambassador” of The Fairmont. It is a service that will last throughout the guest’s entire stay no matter what the setting.

Boston Historic Hotel

The building was first opened in 1912, which is also the same year Fenway Park was built. The 383-room edifice is a symbol of Boston’s history located within walking distance of the Boston Common, the Freedom Trail, and Beacon Hill. Right across the street from the hotel one can find the Boston Public Library, Trinity Church, and Hancock Tower.

Nearly every 20th Century American President stayed at the hotel. As part of the building’s renovation, the Fairmont has added eight themed suites that focus on Boston’s unique history and culture. The rooms are classic with modern conveniences meant to give a residential feel to the stay.

Fairmont Gold

While the service at the Fairmont Copley Plaza is always excellent, visitors have the option of choosing the Fairmont Gold service, which takes the service to an even higher level. Guests have their own reception area on the fourth floor along with access to the lounge, which offers breakfast in the morning, appetizers, and cocktails in the early evening, as well as coffee, tea, sodas, and an honor bar throughout the day.

Fairmont Gold guests have a concierge at their disposal to provide service for them during their stay. If a guest mentions they have tickets to the Red Sox game the next day they can expect to find a note in their room giving them information about how to get there, game start time, expected weather, and the starting line-up. The staff at the Fairmont anticipates needs and helps guest enjoy their stay at the hotel and the area of Boston.

The Oak Room

There are many Boston locals who stop by the Fairmont Copley Plaza even though they may not have a room. That is because of the well known Oak Room restaurant that offers award-winning cuisine set in a luxurious setting with a 30-foot high ceiling complete with intricate white plasterwork and twin Waterford crystal chandeliers.

The Oak Room offers excellent steakhouse fare, including a 20-inch bone-in rib eye. Make sure not to miss out on the local seafood found in dishes such as seared crab cakes, lobster bisque, and calamari salad.

Before or after dinner, head right next door to the Oak Bar, to enjoy a drink while sitting in a splendorous room with dark wood paneling, mirrors, and marble.

Catie Copley, Canine Ambassador

Perhaps the most famous member of the Fairmont Copley Plaza staff is Catie Copley, the hotel’s official canine ambassador. Catie, a black Labrador, has her own spot in the hotel lobby where guests can stop by to pet and feed her and hopefully feel more at home at the hotel. She also has a small dog house outside one of the doors where guests can greet her. Guests can even schedule an appointment to take Catie for a walk.

Catie has her own business cards and email address and has even published her own children’s book. Copies of the book, complete with Catie’s footprint signature, can be purchased in the hotel’s gift shop.

The Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston
138 St. James Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
617 267-5300

There are many reasons to visit Boston and while there, there are many reasons to enjoy a stay at the Fairmont Copley Plaza.