Visiting Boston’s Chinatown – A Tour worth Taking

Chinatown is the neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. This is the only historically Chinese area in New England, Boston. This is the third-largest Chinatown in the United States. Chinatown is home to Asian African life in New England.

The Chinatown hosts Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese restaurants and markets. Chinatown is one of the densely populated neighborhoods of Boston. Based on the census 2000 report the city is covered by 28,000 people per square mile. The city’s 70% population is with the Asian people..

Chinese New Year festival is the most popular festival in Chinatown, Boston. The Hayden Building is a historic building that was constructed in the year 1875. It was listed in the National Historic Register in the year 1980. This is the last commercial retail building in Boston which remains now.

To get into Chinatown there are so many transportation services. The ground transportation services available are Train, bus, and car. Redline, orange line and the green line are the train services that travel to and from Chinatown Boston. But car travel is not recommended in China town as the streets are narrow. The on-street parking is only by a permit.

The city is home to several shopping malls where you can get any type or unique collection that you cannot get elsewhere. The Chinatown hit is the most popular gifts collection store which provides art items, tassels, charms, and more items to make your home very decorative.

Chinatown Restaurants

Chinatown in Boston is a popular tourist attraction in the city because it is an important Chinese location in downtown Boston. When you come down for a trip to Boston, make sure to excellent Boston hotel packages and take a tour of Chinatown for an authentic feel of Chinese culture in the heart of America.

Chinatown is located in downtown Boston. There are several signature Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants in Chinatown which makes it such a popular tourist destination. The entrance to Chinatown is a “paifang” or a traditional gate built in a Chinese architectural style with foo lines on either side. You can visit Chinatown by opting for South Station trains.

Fine Restaurants:

Sichuan Restaurant
95 Washington St,
Brookline, MA 02445
The Sichuan restaurant is the ideal place to tuck into some amazing Chinese food, and the restaurant also has an extremely friendly staff forever ready to help you out. Try their steamed dumplings, along with Ma Po tofu, and General Tso’s chicken is also popular.

China Pearl
9 Tyler St,
Boston, MA 02111
For all your delicious dim sum needs, this is the best restaurant to visit. Their popular dishes are steamed dumplings, braised duck, and baked buns with pork.

 New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
5-9 Hudson St,
Boston, MA 02111
This restaurant boasts of excellent fresh seafood with an authentic Hong Kong menu. Do try out their fried calamari and tofu with scallops on the side.