Copley Square Boston

Respectfully named after John Singleton Copley, an American portraitist, the Copley Square is located in the Back bay neighborhood. You know you’re in the right place because here you will find the bronze statue of Mr. John Copley as sculpted by Lewis Cohen. It is on the Northside of Copley Square.

Just beside the square, you will find the Boston Marathon. The Copley Square Boston is a great square that surely depicts the Boston lifestyle. Its infrastructures are rich with different architectural designs from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Of course, modern designed buildings can also be found here as well.

The entirety of the square is bounded by the Boylston, Clarendon, Dartmouth, and St. James Street. The Copley Square Boston is filled with several buildings after the Back Bay was built. There is so much to see here and places to go as well as hotels to stay in.

You would be delighted to stay at Copley if you’re a tourist as the square itself has lots of old infrastructures that are definitely worth your visit.

The first place you should go to is the Museum of Fine Arts. It was built in 1876 and designed by Sturgis and Brigham. It’s a gothic revival type of building.

Next is the Old South Church, built in 1873 by Cummings and Sears. The building’s style is the Venetian Gothic Revival.

The Boston Public Library is a great place to go to if you need to read a few good books and want to learn a thing or two about Boston.

The John Hancock Tower is a 60-story tower that will leave you in awe.

And of course, the Trinity Church built in 1877 and was later announced to be one of America’s finest buildings.

There are several hotels in Copley that assures you of a great stay. The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel serves its visitors since 1912, the Copley Square Hotel is also another hotel with a rich history, the Boston Marriott Copley place and many more are ready for your reservations.

The Copley Square Boston comes alive with vegetables and other locally grown products every late April until the middle of November. Every Tuesdays and Fridays starting 11 in the morning until 6:30 pm you can get good bargains to their healthy and locally produced items such as fruits, vegetables, organic meat, goat cheese, and even flowers! Make sure to come back every time you travel to Boston!

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden is the first Botanical Garden in the history of the United States. It is located just beside the famous Boston Common. The Public Garden was built and founded back in 1837 and after all these years, it continues to be one of Boston’s most famous public venues, attracting visitors every year.

The lot area for the garden is 24 acres and it’s often associated with the Boston Common but both have been established on different decades. The highlight of the Public Garden is its 4-acre pond that has an irregular shape. If you look at the pound, you won’t believe that it’s just 4 acres as it looks much bigger.

The Boston Public Garden is a great place for picnics. Lots of people come here to have a picnic with their friends and loved ones. The garden has rare plants and beautiful flowers that during their season, bloom and cover the garden with different colors and shades.

It’s a great place for garden weddings as well. Who wouldn’t want to be married to one of the most beautiful gardens in the world? Just make sure there’s no rain on your wedding day.

The highlight of the garden is its swan boats. For over 130 years, the swan boats come out during the warmer seasons to give the tourists a fun ride around its pond. By the start of spring, these gigantic swans start pedaling their way around the pond. There is nothing like these swan boats in the world, you can only find them here at the Boston Public Garden. Hop on and enjoy the ride!

The fee for a fun boat ride is only $2.75 per head. Check out their schedules as it’s not every day that they are out. Make sure you bring some crumbs with you during the 15-minute boat ride as ducks and swans follow the swan boat and you could feed them. These ducks and swans are accustomed to humans already that they instinctively know that when they follow the swan boat, they will surely get something to eat.

Isn’t it nice to see paradise in between tall buildings? No matter how busy Boston is, they still have a place where visitors on Boston MA travel is calm and you can relax and enjoy the sense of calmness that only Mother Nature can offer. It is indeed a great place for relaxation. Boston Public Garden is indeed one of Boston’s pride.”

Boston Public Garden Address
87 Mount Vernon Street
Boston, MA 02108

Tel: (617) 723-8144 Fax: (617) 723-8127

Boston Public Garden Hours: N/A

Ticket Information for Boston Public Garden: N/A


New England Aquarium

There’s nothing more interesting than learning about marine animals. We don’t often get the chance to see them in real life and it’s nice to have places to go to and see them as well as learn a few things about them. In New England Aquarium, you won’t only learn things about them but you will also understand how these creatures are losing their battle with their fight for survival.

The New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts is committed to its mission and that mission is to be present and promote as well as protect the world of water. They don’t only entertain and educate the visitors here but they are very committed to the research and the conservation of the marine animals.

Their main feature is, of course, their giant water tank with a volume of 200,000 gallons. The tank is the house of several turtles, sharks, and other fish as well as living coral reefs. Visitors to Boston can walk through the walkway that is surrounding the tank so they can watch the reef on different angles.

While walking down the walkway, you’ll meet the cute penguins in their own 150,000-gallon little island. African penguins live here together with the little blue penguins and rockhoppers.

There are several exhibits in the New England Aquarium and the latest one is about turtles. You’ll find several areas where they put live turtles for you to see and learn about their lives. Several small exhibits can be found on the 3 levels of the New England Aquarium.

You’ll find the Freshwater gallery where you can see the piranhas and even anacondas. The thinking gallery is where ancient marine animals are featured. The edge of the sea is where hermit crabs and sea urchins are found. There are several other exhibits here that are mainstay while some are temporary exhibits.

What is great about the Aquarium is that they are serious about conserving these beautiful creatures and their contributions are significant. They continue to do research and conservation for the marine animals and they try to implement different solutions so the humans won’t negatively impart or at least minimize their impact to the marine ecosystem.

There are so much to learn about these creatures and the New England Aquarium are here to protect the animals as well as educate the humans so they too could help and support the aquatic life.

New England Aquarium Address
1 Central Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

Tel: (617) 973-5200
Email: N/A

  • New England Aquarium Hours: open 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Ticket Information for New England Aquarium: N/A
  • Website:

Hotels Near New England Aquarium

Hotels near New England Aquarium for your family spree! Take your children to have an adventure with the animals in the nearby New England Aquarium, or go shopping and dining at the easy-to-touch Faneuil Hall. After the whole day’s trip, go back to the hotels to enjoy the cozy rooms and a relaxed atmosphere.

For the people who are going to take a Boston trip, visit our page and read the reviews to locate a hotel great in both accommodation level and price. Book now and prepare for your exciting tour.

Benefits of Hotels Near New England Aquarium

  • The location that near New England Aquarium
  • Downtown area
  • Close to many attractions
  • Suitable for both business and family travelers

Take an adventure vacation to the New England Aquarium with your children which will be a fantastic experience during your Boston trip. No need to visit through the earth, this place allows you to say hello to the animals from every corner of the world face to face. From African penguin, American Lobster, to Atlantic Harbor seal and North Atlantic right whale, the various pretty animals are sure to make your Boston trip an impressive experience. New England Aquarium is located on the city’s waterfront. The travelers there can also easily reach Faneuil Hall, Public Gardens, and Harvard Square.

If you are seeking a hotel near the New England Aquarium, Boston Marriott Long Wharf is a great one. It is located in downtown Boston, close to the New England Aquarium. Besides, the short distance to Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, and Museum of Science makes it a perfect hotel Boston for the travelers. Up to 17 meeting room options and Grand Ballroom offer convenience for the business groups. For the relaxation set, an indoor swimming pool and fitness center will make you feel rejuvenated.

Hotels Near New England Aquarium & Official Site Links

1. Boston Marriott Long Wharf
296 State Street Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (617) 227-0800
Official Website:

2. Doubletree Hotel Boston Downtown
821 Washington Street Boston, MA 02111
Phone: (617) 956-7900, (800) 222-TREE
Official Website:

3. Boston Harbor Hotel
70 Rowes Wharf Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 439-7000
Official Website:

Fenway Park

The all-time favorite sport of the Americans is baseball! When traveling to Boston, they go to Fenway Park Boston! The home of the Boston Red Sox.

The Fenway Park Boston had seen thousands of games played for its almost a century of service since it opened on the 20th of April in 1912. It’s the home of some of the world’s most popular baseball players such as Babe Ruth, Jim Rice, Cy Young, Duffy Lewis, Bobby Doerr, Joe Cronin, Jimmie Fox and so much more!

They walked on the same soil as the new players do now. It’s a stadium with a rich history. Indeed, a lot of things had happened here. Lots of games had been played; lots of players made their historical home runs and made amazing game records here.

Tickets to the Fenway Park Boston stadium are sold at different prices depending on the game and on the section where you will be sitting. For the 2009 games, tickets are sold for as low as $12 at the upper bleachers to as high as $325 to Dugout Box.

Tickets priced at $50, the Infield Grandstand, the Right Field Box and Roof Box, and the Right Field Roof Terrace are already good enough seating. You can see the players clear enough and you can enjoy the game without straining your eyes just to see where the ball goes.

It’s fun to watch an American baseball game but don’t forget that the audience plays a role in the game as well. Fans are not permitted to interfere with the game or to distract the players from their play.

When you interfere with the ball in play, you are subjected to ejection from the park and you may even get arrested. There are rules to follow to avoid any distractions with other fans and so the game could be played gracefully. Let’s all just watch the game and have clean fun!

The Fenway Park Boston also has suites for their guests arriving from far away places just to watch their favorite game. You can make your reservations for the Pavilion Suites, the Legends Suite, Gibson-Sotheby’s Board Room, and the Monster Corner.

The suites here are good for several guests and they are priced high so it’s really not for everybody. Die-hard fans that don’t live in Boston stays here together with their fellow baseball fanatics during the games. Just contact the persons in charge of your reservations.

Fenway Park Address
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA 02215-3409

Tel: (617) 226-6666

Fenway Park Hours: N/A

Ticket Information for Fenway Park:
Adults: $12
Seniors: $11
Children (3-15): $10

Call (617) 471-3332 ext. 3 for more info.

Hotels Near Fenway Park

Hotels near Fenway Park enable you to whoop for your favorite baseball team! As the hotels near the Boston Red Sox baseball club, their guests have priority to get access to the famous stadium. Short distance to Newbury Street will turn on the shopping lovers. From family rooms to business equipment, complete facilities make these hotels suitable for both family and business travelers.

Want an assist to guide you to the best hotel near Fenway Park? Visit us and the hotel reviews will help you work out a wise selection. Make a reservation now and immerse yourself in the sports craze.

Benefits of Hotels Near Fenway Park

  • Fenway Park area location
  • Close to Newbury Stree and some other attractions
  • Suitable for both family and business travelers
  • Cable/satellite TV

For the travelers who come to Boston to discover its long history, Fenway Park is their necessary stop. This stadium is located near Kenmore Square and is the home ballpark of the Boston Red Sox baseball club. For the fans of this famous baseball club, Penway Park has recorded too many memorable seasons. The renovation makes this place more charming and unique “The Triangle”, “Pesky’s Pole” and Green Monster in left field attract more visitors worldwide. To host the increasing visitors, the number of Boston hotels near Fenway Park becomes considerable.

Buckminster Boston is a hotel near Fenway park which has a great blend of stylish amenities and Boston’s historic charm. Besides the Fenway Park, there are some other famous attractions close to this hotel, such as Boston University, Copley Square and Newbury Street. They offer internet access and fax machine for the business guests. For the families, their refrigerator, microwave, and crib are satisfying.

Hotels Near Fenway Park & Official Site Links

1. Howard Johnson Inn Fenway Park Boston
1271 Boylston Street I-90 and Boylston Boston, MA 02215
Phone: (617) 267-8300
Official Website:

2. Boston Hotel Buckminster
645 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02215
Phone: (617) 236-7050, (800) 727-2825
Official Website:

3. The Westin Copley Place, Boston
10 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Phone: (617) 262-9600

Franklin Park Zoo

Working day in and out makes you all stressed up in a crowded city like Boston. Wouldn’t it be nice to just get away from it all and be connected to our planet Earth once again? At the Franklin Park Zoo, you can do just that.

It’s hidden in a Boston suburb and it’s conveniently accessible too. Be acquainted with the world through its animals. There are hundreds of different species thriving in this Boston zoo that you’ll never get bored.

Check out their primates, observe them and you’ll see they are actually observing the people too. Kids would definitely be entertained by the giant Giraffes. Giraffes actually can’t survive the winter which is why you won’t find them outside during winter months as they are conveniently kept inside their barn so they could warm up during the cold climate. Once it’s warm enough, these giraffes are ready for some picture taking.

Want to experience the tropical forest? Perhaps this is the closest you’d get to the real one. Franklin Park Zoo Tropical Forest has plants and animals that you’ll find in a real tropical forest that guests would really feel like they are indeed there. Make sure you do check out the gorilla exhibits as well. It’s not something you would want to miss.

Ever want to go to Australia? Now you can! Well, at least have the feel of Australia’s outback that is. Through the Franklin Park Zoo Outback trail, you can walk amongst the kangaroos, sheep, and emus. Also, make sure you try to listen to the kookaburra calls. These birds make unique sounds.

Depending on the time of the year, there are lots of animal exhibits to experience here. You’ll surely get to relax and unwind even after just a few hours of your visit here. You would even feel a sense of attachment to these animals but you won’t feel any pity to them as they are very lucky because they are well taken cared of. They are not deprived in any way compared to other animals in some zoos. They make sure that their animals are happy and healthy.

The zoo’s mission is to conserve and preserve wildlife. When you travel in Boston to come to the Franklin Park Zoo, you are actually already helping with their conservation drive. For every admission fee, 25 cents of that goes to the Zoo New England conservation programs. You already have a day of fun at the zoo and you actually get to contribute to making sure these animals stay in our world for many more years.

Franklin Park Zoo Address
One Franklin Park Road
Boston, MA 02121

Tel: (617) 541-5466 Fax: (617) 989-2025

Franklin Park Zoo Hours:
Summer Hours (April 1 – September 30)
Weekdays: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Weekends and major holidays: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Winter Hours (October 1- March 31)
Daily: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Ticket Information for Franklin Park Zoo:
Adults: $14.00
Senior Admission (62+): $11.00
Child Admission (ages 2-12): $8.00
Children under 2: Free
Members: Free


Gibson House Museum

If you want to know how the elites of the 19th century lived, the Gibson House Museum is the best place to visit in Boston. It is located at #137 Beacon St and this house museum was declared as a National Historic Landmark.

The house was constructed in 1860 by the architect Edward Cabot and is inspired by the style of the Italian Renaissance. Its exterior is made of red brick as well as brownstone. It was the house of the Gibson’s for 3 generations up to the generation of Charles Hammond Gibson, Jr. When he died back in 1954, the house was then turned into a museum.

The first family who lived here was the widower and grandmother of Charles Hammond Gibson, Jr. madam Catherine Hammond Gibson together with Charles Hammond Gibson, her son. They moved from Beacon Hill to the then being developed Back Bay where Beacon St is. Mr. Charles Hammond Gibson married in 1871 and later on had a son under his name. These were the families that had lived in the Gibson House before it was turned into a museum.

When you come to Boston and visit the Gibson House Museum, you would feel as if you’ve been transformed. You would feel the ambiance that was shared by the 3 generations of the Gibsons. You’ll get to see the collections they collected over the years. And enjoy the decorative arts that they also enjoyed.

Every item you see here is authentic and not replicates the original. They are kept preserved so many more generations could experience the Victorian era.

It is nothing but a house but what made this so special is it’s a house that had been kept preserved for more than a century. Although the museum was already recognized back in 2001, it is still one of Boston’s least-visited attractions. It needs help and support as what it holds is valuable and should be preserved for many more years to come. It’s like a small chunk taken from the plate 19th and the early 20th century that was preserved up to this day with authentic carpets, wallpapers and textiles.

It’s perfect for students who are interested in that era. It’s also a great place to visit when on Boston Mass travel for the different type of excitement it can offer. The Gibson House Museum needs your help so it can continually preserve what Charles Hammond Gibson, Jr. had preserved for the future generations.

Gibson House Museum Address
137 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116

Tel: (617) 267-6338 Fax: (617) 267-6338

Gibson House Museum Hours:
Wednesday – Sunday, Tours begin promptly at 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.

Ticket Information for Gibson House Museum:
Adult: $9
Students & Seniors: $6
Children: $3


Boston Common

Boston Common is one of the oldest parks in the United States. It was built back in 1634 and it has then been used for a different purpose. It was first a cow pasture, a camp for the British, it was even used for hanging offenders and the famous one ever hanged here was Mary Dyer who became a Quaker and became one of Boston’s martyrs. George Washington celebrated the nation’s independence here as well.

Boston Common is indeed rich with history and now it is a public park where people can gather both for informal or formal gatherings. People come here regularly to relax and breathe in clean air. This 50-acre land is not just a park.

Beside it is the Central Burying Ground that you can come and visit the burial sites of famous artists such as the composer William Billings. The park is now used as a stage for public gatherings and for making speeches. Rallies are being held here, masses, concerts and many more! Also, the Frog Pond is used for ice skating competitions during winter and this same pond during the summer months turns into a spray pool.

There is really so much to see in this great park. You can find a plaque on the ground where the Great Elm tree used to stand. It’s used for hangings in the past and had also been used to represent liberty, lanterns were used then to decorate the great Elm tree.

In 1876, the tree got destroyed and we can only see this plaque now. A monument of Robert Shaw can be found at the Beacon & Park Streets, the Soldiers and Soldiers moment can be found on the Flag Staff Hill, a monumental inscription can also be found at the corner of Tremont and Park Street that dates back to 1634. There is also a softball field at the Boston Common.

Bostom Common was also a TV sitcom in 1996 to 1997 starring actors such as Tasha Smith, Traylor Howard, and Vincent Ventresca. It was short-lived but it was a good show. Too bad it only lasted for 2 seasons. It was one of Boston’s pride as well.

Their famous park’s name was used for a sitcom that can be watched not just by the Americans but by everyone around the world to travel in Boston MA. The name is now a familiar name even to those who have no idea about this famous and historical park.

Boston Common Address
2 Copley Place
Boston, MA 02116-6502

Tel: (617) 536-4100
Email: N/A

Boston Common Hours: N/A

Ticket Information for Boston Common: Free


Harvard Museum of Natural History

The Harvard Museum of Natural History tops the list of attractions during your Boston Travel. The museum attracts over 175,000 people every year and 33,000 of them are children.

Housed within the Harvard University Campus, this museum mirrors 3 other museums in the region C The Harvard University Herbaria, The Mineralogical and Geological Museum and the Museum of Comparative Zoology. The permanent galleries, temporary exhibits, and the historical collections together at the museum make it the primary attraction for those visiting Harvard.

Several amazing exhibits of beholding beauty await your arrival at the museum. These include gemstones, meteorites, dinosaurs and a slew of the current day and prehistoric animals from around the world. Watch in awe at the world’s only mounted Kronosaurus, a 42 ft-long marine reptile; one of the first Triceratops ever discovered; a 1,642 lb. amethyst geode and 3 whale skeletons.

An array of 3,000 glass flowers all created by a father-son duo over a 50-year time span between 1886 and 1936 cannot be found elsewhere. These models of fruits, plants and flowers are so amazingly real that you would find it difficult to believe that the deft fingers of mankind created them instead of Mother Nature.

Plan your visit to the Museum

There are several other exhibits that are rare and awe-inspiring. Visiting the museum’s website before drawing up your travel to Boston itinerary would work to your advantage by gaining more intimate knowledge of the vast repository of exhibits you are about to see. The museum specifically encourages learners and you will have the opportunity of digging deeper and looking closer when you are there.

The museum is open every day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm except for certain National holidays. By visiting the official website of the museum, you can obtain detailed information on the fee structure, concessions, and free access terms.

Families visiting the museum with kids should factor in plenty of time because the museum offers so much for the kids in particular. The museum website has specific pages particularly devoted to kids and families.

Page Dedicated to Family & Kids Trip

Event Calendar for Family & Kids Trip

Harvard Museum of Natural History Address
26 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Tel: (617) 495-3045

Harvard Museum of Natural History Hours: Open daily: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed on:
– New Year’s Day
– Thanksgiving Day
– Christmas Eve
– Christmas Day

Ticket Information for Harvard Museum of Natural History:
Adults: $9.00
Non-Harvard Students with I.D.: $7.00
Seniors (65+): $7.00
Children ages 3-18: $6.00
Members: Free


New England Holocaust Memorial

In recent history, there is nothing more tragic than the holocaust. Millions of Jews were killed by Hitler as he wanted to completely exterminate all Jews. The planned extermination Jews have started years before World War II where Hitler’s men removed the Jews family by family. If you were known to be a Jew, you’d be taken out of your home and led to the concentration camps. And when you travel to Boston, don’t forget to stop by the New England Holocaust to know more.

In the concentration camps, the Jews were in line and the guards would tell you if you should go to the left or the right. The Jews, whether they are adults or children go to each side without knowing what was in store for them. If you went to the right you’d be their slave but if you were instructed to go to the left then you’re heading to the gas chambers.

There was no mercy and millions of people died, not only Jews but other “characters” that the Germans consider to be criminal. Thus, the New England Holocaust Memorial is dedicated to all the Jews that had died during World War II under the power of Adolf Hitler.

The New England Holocaust Memorial was erected by the designer Stanley Saitowitz in 1995 and it is consisting of 6 glass towers where the bottom part is open for viewers to walk under. Here you can see the 6 million numbers representing the 6 million Jews who died.

From the Faneuil Hall, you will see a black panel where you’ll read the outlines of the events that occurred back from 1933 to 1945 when the Nazis had already been defeated. When you walk towards the first tower, you will see the word “Remember” both in Hebrew and the English language so the passersby would remember the injustice and prejudice of the Nazis towards the Jews.

The 6 towers of the New England Holocaust Memorial symbolize the 6 major concentration camps as well as a symbol for 1 million Jews per tower. It can also be taken as a symbol of the 6 years of extermination from 1939 to 1945.

There are still living victims of the Holocaust today and you will hear lots of horrifying stories from them. It is nice that we have venues such as the New England Holocaust Memorial that permanently marks the rich and violent history of that event. These survivors won’t live forever but these monuments will stay for many more years to come.

New England Holocaust Memorial Address
Between North St and Hanover St
Boston, MA 02109

Tel: (617) 635-4505
Email: N/A

New England Holocaust Memorial Hours: N/A

Ticket Information for New England Holocaust Memorial: N/A


State House

When you travel to Boston MA, you may want to know more about the State House. The construction for the Boston State House took about 2 years from 1795 to 1797. This State House is also known as the New State House because it had replaced the previously constructed State House that was constructed in 1713. The old state house is now considered to be one of the oldest public buildings that have survived up to this day and it can be found on Court Street.

The new Boston State House is located on the Beacon Hill that is overlooking the beautiful Boston Common. The land where it was built was actually owned by John Hancock, the first governor of Massachusetts. He donated the land and depend the project on the most renowned architect of their time, Charles Bullfinch.

He designed the building with a dome on top that originally used wood shingles but now it’s covered with copper and 23k gold. It looks aesthetically grand but its main purpose was to prevent any leaking to the building.

On its terrace, you will see the 2 statues of Daniel Webster and Horace Mann. In front of the building is the statue of General Joseph Hooker riding a horse. You will also find a statue of the former President JFK as well. On the east and west wings, you’ll find a statue of Anne Hutchinson and a statue of Mary Dyer.

On the building’s first floor, you will find the Doric Hall, the Hall of Flags where you will find historical paintings and flags, the Great Hall which was added only in 1990. Governor’s offices are on the west while the former house of representatives is now occupied by their senate.

The house of representatives now occupies the west chamber. In the House of Representatives, they hanged the Sacred Cod which acts as a symbol of the fishing industry and its importance to Massachusetts. On its second floor, you’ll find famous murals of Edward Brodney.

The Doric Hall’s doors are only open for 3 very special occasions only which is why it is seldom used. The Boston State House Doric Hall opens when the President of the United States of America comes to visit, when the governor exits and vacates his position he has to do the traditional Long Walk that stars from the Executive chamber, to the second floor and out of the Doric Hall and walks to Boston Common, and lastly when a flag from a battle returns.

State House Address
24 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02133-1030

Tel: (617) 727-3676
Email: N/A

State House Hours:
Open Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Ticket Information for State House: Free