Boston to New York and Back Again for Cheap

I know — some people avoid traveling long distances by bus as if the vehicles were carriers of the bubonic plague. Yet, there’s really no reason to fear or loathe the mode of transportation, especially now that it’s gotten cheaper than ever.

Just about everyone who travels in the East has probably heard about the ridiculously low $1 fares some companies, such as Bolt Bus and Mega Bus here in Boston, charge for a one-way trip to a major destination, most often New York City. Compared to what that old standby Greyhound charges — currently $30–$57 one way — the new kids on the block might as well be letting people ride for free.

After I first starting traveling between New York City and Boston on a regular basis years ago, my original mode of transportation was the Delta Shuttle out of LaGuardia and Logan airports. When getting home from the airports became a major hassle, I moved on to Amtrak, which remains my favorite way to commute between the two cities, despite the company’s numerous ongoing problems.

Greyhound entered the picture when my trips between New York and Boston became more frequent, even as Amtrak simultaneously grew increasingly less reliable and more costly, destroying its status as a worthwhile expense. If the company ever manages to reclaim its value, however, I’ll return in an instant. But back when I first switched, Greyhound was the fastest yet least expensive game in town for travelers seeking a familiar brand name they could trust.

At the moment, those who are naturally thrifty, short on cash, willing to try something new, or born bus lovers are in luck if they need to get from Boston to New York City fairly quickly. The three companies below will not only do the job for a negligible amount of money, but each will provide a little something extra, too … at no additional charge, of course. Just keep in mind that when you opt for the convenience of purchasing a ticket via the Internet, all three charge a 50¢ online booking fee on top of the fare.

Bolt Bus

  • One-Way Fare: $1–$20
  • Route: South Station Bus Terminal, Gate 21 (Boston) to West 34th Street and 8th Avenue, across the street from Pennsylvania Station (New York)
  • Website:
  • Extra: Free WiFi and power outlets

Lucky Star Bus

  • One-Way Fare: $1–$15
  • Route: South Station Bus Terminal, Gate 13 (Boston) to 59 Chrystie Street in Chinatown (New York)
  • Website:
  • Extra: Rewards from a free frequent-rider program; a $25 2 am bus departing Boston

Mega Bus

  • One-Way Fare: $1–$14
  • Route: South Station Bus Terminal, Gate 12 (Boston) to West 31st Street and 8th Avenue, outside Pennsylvania Station (New York)
  • Website:
  • Extra: Free WiFi (but no power outlets)

Cheap Boston Flights

Just because of travel tourism and other industries, the city of Boston has a busy airport. That is why coming and going from Boston can be a dicey affair at times in terms of expensive flight tickets. The passengers can find cheap air tickets for Boston by some basic ways.

One of the key means of getting cheap airfare for Boston is by avoiding the festival times of the city. For example, Boston International Film Festival attracts tourists from around the world, so venturing in these times might be expensive. Therefore, the trick is to avoid it, if it can be avoided or reach the city well before the festival to get the best prices.

Booking flights to Boston during the springtime is highly recommended.
Spring usually signals the ball game season, during which many airlines lets out special offers. However, the best time to book flights tickets to Boston is during the winter months because of the snow cover and bitter cold. You can also get best deals if you plan your trip ahead of the summer months. Some of the cities you can get flights from to Boston are – Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and almost 40 other cities national and international.

The tourists are advised to check Boston websites for special offers. They are also encouraged to get in touch with the Boston travel agents during the spring or the winter months for best deals. Planning and before the festival may save you valuable dollars. Try the Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau for authentic information relating to hotels and cheap airfares. Checking with the airlines is also not a bad idea.