Boston Common

Boston Common is one of the oldest parks in the United States. It was built back in 1634 and it has then been used for a different purpose. It was first a cow pasture, a camp for the British, it was even used for hanging offenders and the famous one ever hanged here was Mary Dyer who became a Quaker and became one of Boston’s martyrs. George Washington celebrated the nation’s independence here as well.

Boston Common is indeed rich with history and now it is a public park where people can gather both for informal or formal gatherings. People come here regularly to relax and breathe in clean air. This 50-acre land is not just a park.

Beside it is the Central Burying Ground that you can come and visit the burial sites of famous artists such as the composer William Billings. The park is now used as a stage for public gatherings and for making speeches. Rallies are being held here, masses, concerts and many more! Also, the Frog Pond is used for ice skating competitions during winter and this same pond during the summer months turns into a spray pool.

There is really so much to see in this great park. You can find a plaque on the ground where the Great Elm tree used to stand. It’s used for hangings in the past and had also been used to represent liberty, lanterns were used then to decorate the great Elm tree.

In 1876, the tree got destroyed and we can only see this plaque now. A monument of Robert Shaw can be found at the Beacon & Park Streets, the Soldiers and Soldiers moment can be found on the Flag Staff Hill, a monumental inscription can also be found at the corner of Tremont and Park Street that dates back to 1634. There is also a softball field at the Boston Common.

Bostom Common was also a TV sitcom in 1996 to 1997 starring actors such as Tasha Smith, Traylor Howard, and Vincent Ventresca. It was short-lived but it was a good show. Too bad it only lasted for 2 seasons. It was one of Boston’s pride as well.

Their famous park’s name was used for a sitcom that can be watched not just by the Americans but by everyone around the world to travel in Boston MA. The name is now a familiar name even to those who have no idea about this famous and historical park.

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