Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Boston

boston best tourist attractions

Boston is the capital city of US state Massachusetts. This populous city has many amusement points which are interesting in many aspects. Boston has numerous types of historic museums, ancient buildings, extravagant parks and fabulous shopping places. Either you want to see greenery or art or cultural locations or even modern architecture, this marvelous city will not let you get bore. Boston is really an enjoyable place for vacations. Some of its famous zones are mentioned here that will describe how Boston is a good place to visit.

10) New England Aquarium

This family visiting aquatic museum was built in 1969. The preeminent specialty of this giant museum is its gigantic ocean tank of 20000 US gallons. People who came here are briefed that how this aquarium came into being. Tourists can explore the habitats of this underwater world. Penguins show and whale watching are most interesting pageant of this famous New England Aquarium. The New England Aquarium also houses a state-of art IMAX Theater will be a memorable experience for its visitors. A lot of fish, turtles and other water creatures are there to amaze you.

9) Fenway Park

Boston has a sporty baseball park named as Fenway Park. This huge stadium has seating capacity of 37,713 spectators. Boston’s visitors are amused themselves by watching different famous baseball leagues in this historic park. It also hosted some soccer matches, famous football leagues and some hockey games. Some of exotic and popular concerts of Boston are also held in Fenway Park. This stadium seems to be a focal point of games in Boston. As in 2016 a big skiing completion and snowboarding championship occupied here.

8) Faneuil Hall

The classic Boston Landmark designated Faneuil Hall was built in 1743. Though it was maintained and renovated time to time but still a masterpiece of history. This building is also titled as National Historic Landmark. This place is very old marketplace and commercial forum where you can find many shops and food outlets. Second floor of this monument has legendary meeting hall where many of famous debates were given by great leaders. Third floor is for history nerds, because here is a museum of ancient armor and artillery.

7) Museum of Fine Arts

The comprehensive Museum of Fine Arts is the fourth largest Museum of US. This encyclopedic gallery has more than 450,000 pieces of art. Isn’t it amazing? It has many departments in it Art of America, Art of Europe, Art of Asia and many much more to explore. Film, music, performing art and numerous types of art-related lectures are its different programs. This is surely a family visiting place as there is a lot to enjoy for kids also. Tourists of Boston stray in the exclusive exhibitions held in this museum.

6) Boston Children’s Museum

This great children’s museum of Boston is dedicated to education of children. All things that are displayed here are kids relevant. Plentiful academic and informative activities are arranged are children. Little ones, teenagers and youngsters all have amusement exercises to explore the world in a new way. Different types of festivals are celebrated in an enthusiastic way without any difference of race and religion. Various informative presentations and educational exhibitions are held here. Boston Children’s Museum is definitely an extravagant place to come and enjoy with family and friends.

5) Old North Church

In the north end of Boston this beautiful Old North Church is located. This National Historic Landmark is the most archetypal church of Boston. The enduring fame and its superb architecture of this church are reasons for the visitors to come and see this religious building of Boston. Church site is decorated with two elegant gardens and three big lawns. Mission of this church is really famous for its words Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. Old North Church is categorically a worth-watching place for history lovers as it is a part of Boston National Historic Park.

4) Old State House

Boston Landmark designated building the Old State House is situated at junction of Washington and State Streets. This is purely a historic spot which is one of the memorials of Freedom Trail. Many momentous events have witnessed by Old State House and its grounds which change the fortune of Arkansas. This museum has very valuable unique things of past as well as an impressive photo gallery. Many exhibitions held here that’s why several educational institutes bring their students here, to equip them with knowledge of this great Museum.

3) Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum is basically a part of Harvard University. It is a chic fusion of lovely Public Park and remarkable research institution. The real reason of its popularity is its achievements and contributions in study and research of plants. It is only one of its kinds in the world because it exists on 281 acres acquiring enormous selection of trees and plants. Arnold Arboretum is an exotic point of Boston for the tourists as it is loaded with lush green sceneries and charming views of small ponds.

2) Boston Public Library

The classic Boston Public Library is an imaginary place for book lovers. This public library has both of influence, historic value and surely academic worth. It is accommodating more than 23 million items in it. This great library is also granting digital services to its visitors including downloading e-books, audio books, having collection of CDs and DVDs and videos. Its calm and graceful hall is ideal place for readers to study their favorite book. This library is decorated with many fascinating murals to impress its tourists. One cannot feel bore at this marvelous place.

1) Newbury Street

Let’s talk about most glamorous street of Boston, Newbury Street. This busy commercial street is crowded with hundreds of shops, boutiques, salons and delicious dining. Walkways are built there for shopping lovers. Exclusive international and local brands are there to entertain its visitors. The one who comes to Boston; this is a must visiting place for him. This popular destination is located in Back Bay area of Boston and gets renovated time to time. This shopping district conveys a charming urban landscape which makes it more trendy.