Boston Sports

Boston joins different sports activities such as with the NBA. Boston sports have lots of fans from its locals and also visitors on Boston travel. The three renowned teams from Boston for sports are the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Patriots (now the New England Patriots) and the Boston Celtics.

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox is a professional team for baseball that is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The team had been around since 1901. From 1912 ’til now, they still have their home games at Boston’s Fenway Park. The famous Babe Ruth played with this team. Now, Boston Red Sox brags about always having a sold-out game for 5 years now and that is an MLB record

New England Patriots

The Boston Patriots have changed their name to New England Patriots after they relocated to Foxborough but still, some people still call it as the Boston Patriots since it is based in Boston. The New England Patriots is an American Football Team for the NFL.

The New England Patriots were born in 1971 but the team started back in 1960 as Boston Patriots when Billy Sullivan had been awarded the franchise for the AFL. The team had been to League, Conference and division championships already.

Boston Celtics

The most famous Boston sports team is the Boston Celtics. It’s the most famous because everywhere around the world people love watching NBA and Boston Celtics got some of the most talented NBA players. It has been around since 1946.

Its current roster includes Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, JR Giddens. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins, Rajon Rondo, and Ray Allen are their starter players because they are the best they have.

The people of Boston love to watch sports games whether it’s in a stadium or just in the comfort of their own homes. Boston sports teams will continue to gain fame and achievements because of the support of their great fans.