Boston Restaurants

There are many restaurants Boston brags about and they should because Boston is home for several restaurants that offer delicious foods, great ambiance, and an awesome landscape. Depending on what foods you like, there are several restaurants that you could choose to dine with your loved ones or hang out with your friends.

Oishii Boston

First on the list is a Japanese restaurant. It’s Oishii Boston restaurant where you can get a decent meal for just about $30 to $40. Not bad especially if you love sushi! They have delicious sushi here and other Japanese delicacies. Make reservations if you want to have a vacant seat when you arrive. Otherwise, just try your luck as there are many people like you who wish to get a table for themselves as well.


L’Espalier is a great restaurant for those who want the taste of French cuisines. They also have other cuisines such as continental and American and it’s a great restaurant for lovers or even for business transactions. It’s not the cheapest restaurant though but you’ll surely get the best that L’Espalier can offer.

Modern Pastry Shop

If you have the sweet tooth then for sure you crave desserts and what’s a good meal without mouth-watering desserts, right? Modern Pastry Shop has delicious desserts, baked goodies and ice cream that you can just die for. The restaurants Boston has around can’t compete with the desserts here.

Neptune Oyster

If you want to dine on seafood then the Neptune Oyster restaurant is for you. They have American cuisines and of course, lots of seafood. They are practically priced so you can get your stomach full within your budget limit.

These are just a few restaurants Boston is really proud of and they are worth your Boston MA travel. Come and enjoy their delicious dishes and special cuisines and you be the judge.