Best Cafes in Boston

Boston is one of the most popular Boston travel spots in the USA. With some of the best historical and modern attractions, the place is frequented by tourists throughout the year. The city has excellent dining facilities to take care of the food requirements of the millions of visitors to the region.

Boston cafes are well known for whipping up an array of cuisines including American, Italian, Asia, and international. The cafes are well known for serving amazing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. There are also Italian and American coffees that are available in these cafes. These make available simple fare at affordable prices.

The cafes have a casual feel and provide a relaxed atmosphere to the visitors. These are the perfect places to visit whether you want to try some gourmet food or indulge in fine dining. There are a host of cafes that you can visit while you are on Boston travel tourism. Some of the names have been listed below:

Cafe Fleuri

This cafe is situated in Franklin Street and is well known for serving an extensive range of breakfast, brunch, and wines.

Club Cafe

This is one of the cafes that is popular with the locals and the tourists alike. It is situated on Columbus Avenue and it serves an array of American cuisine including steaks, burgers and chicken sandwiches.

Caffe Vittoria

This is an Italian cafe and serves a range of pastries and coffees. The cafe makes available a cool and comfortable place for the guests to have a fine dining experience while they are here.

Espresso Royale

This is a popular cafe and is popular for the wide variety of sandwiches, cakes, coffees, and cookies that it serves the visitors.

Rebecca’s Cafe

This is famous for an array of soups, sandwiches, and desserts that are served in the place. It is located in Melcher street Boston and is frequented both by the locals and the tourists.

Cafe of India

This place serves a wide range of delectable Indian snacks including naan, puri, kulcha and many more.

Border Cafe

This is a well known Mexican cafe and is popular for a range of Mexican dishes including pork fajitas, beef and chicken dishes.

Apart from these, there are also chain shops such as Starbucks and the other galore in the city. With a large number of cafes spread throughout the area, visitors have a number of places to travel in Boston to grab a quick bite while they are exploring the wonderful city.