Boston Home Center & Visitors Guide

The most populous city in the state of Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston lies at the center of America’s eleventh-largest metropolitan area that is known as Greater Boston. The city is well-known for its historic sites, such as the Freedom Trail, the Paul Revere House, and the Old North Church.

Boston is the capital of the state of Massachusetts. Cambridge across the Charles River is not part of the city of Boston but is included in this guide. Boston is made up of a number of areas that include Back Bay, Bay Village, Beacon Hill, Chinatown, Downtown, the Fenway, the Financial District, Government Centre, the North End, and the South End. East Boston is across the harbor and connected by tunnels to other parts of Boston. Charlestown is across the Charles River, along with Somerville and Cambridge the home of Harvard.

An old city founded in 1630 and played a major role in the early development of America. Many of the original buildings were destroyed in a fire in 1760. Boston was the center of the American Revolution and included The Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Boston Travel Information

Boston offers attractions to suit every taste and interest. Boston is famous for its scenic surroundings, great history, educational facilities & strong economy. One-of-a-kind shopping, exciting nightlife, live local music and fine arts are also available for everyone to enjoy.

Some of the attractions situated in the city are: Commonwealth Museum that has videos, slide shows and a number of interactive exhibits; Chinatown, Carson Beach, Pleasure Bay Beach, Arnold Arboretum, Public Garden, New England Aquarium, Children’s Museum, and more.

According to Boston Travel Guide, if you don’t want to stay in Hotel then the bulk of affordable rental apartments are also situated in the city and surrounding communities. The weather in Boston is fantastic for much of the year. It has truly become a destination vacation area with so much to see and do.

For golf lovers, the city also has great golf courses. Boston attractions will fill your vacation with adventures that will keep you talking about them long after you leave. Accommodations and restaurants are as abundant and varied as the city’s attractions themselves.

Boston travel information

Heading to Boston?

Stay in America’s Most Beautiful Neighborhood

Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s most gorgeous – and prestigious – neighborhoods. Its not too difficult to see why if you have ever visited the historic area yourself. Aptly named for a 17th century warning beacon that used to stand atop the hill, the site is now home to rows of old Federal-style homes. They line the steep streets, with facades all similar in appearance: red brick complete with decorative black shutters. The hill’s unevenly cobbled walkways are some of the last that still feature gaslit lamps – and tend to look straight out of a old fashioned movie. For some seriously Instagram-worthy shots, travelers can head over to Acorn Street, known to be the most photographed street in America. The Massachusetts Statehouse is also located in Beacon Hill, for any architecture or history buffs. While purchasing a home in the neighborhood costs a pretty penny, those just looking to visit can stay in a HomeAway while taking in the scenery. Read on for some beautiful Beacon Hill homes sure to amaze.

About Boston

In terms of history, many cities can match but few can exceed what Boston means to the United States of America. From the Boston Tea Party to the modern-day technology industry, Boston has seen it all. But, here are 7 things you don’t know about Boston.

  • Boston was the site of America’s first subway system.
  • Located near the financial district, Boston Common is the oldest public park in the United States.
  • According to the U.S. Census, Boston’s most populous time was 1950 when there were 801,444 people living there.
  • Between 1630 and 1890, the city of Boston tripled in size due to the leveling of hills and using the extra earth to fill in the marshes and other previously unusable lands along the waterfront.
  • Fenway Park, home to baseball’s Boston Red Sox, is the oldest sports stadium still in use in the United States by a team in the four major professional sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL).
  • The city of Boston has the unique distinction of being home to both the first public school and the first college in America.
  • Until 1954 when they moved to Milwaukee, the city of Boston was home to two major league baseball teams, with the Boston Braves sharing the city with the Boston Red Sox.

There are many sites in Boston that make it highly unique among America’s cities, and it will continue to be one of the most visited cities in the country.

Attractions in Boston

Boston is the economic center of the entire surrounding region. The city of Boston has an estimated population of 891 thousand and is ranked 23rd for the population in the United States.

The famous tourist places of the Boston City are the Boston Public Garden, Museum of Science, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Paul Revere’s House, Back Bay, Harvard Square, Boston’s Freedom Trail, and the Boston Duck Tours.

Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden is the nation’s oldest botanical garden and is located alongside the Boston Common Garden. It was built and established in 1837. The main attraction of this place is the swan boats that come to the park each spring. The boats were invented by Robert Paget in 1877. In winter, the garden is open for ice skating.

Boston Public Garden is situated down Charles Street nearby Boston Common. This botanical garden is the oldest botanical garden in the United States of America. The most famous attraction in the public garden is the swan boats, which were invented by Robert Paget in 1877. The boats are operated in the spring and during winter the pond will be used by ice skaters.

Museums in Boston

Boston has many Museums, but the Boston Museum of science is one of the most visited places. It is located in the science park. This place is an attractive place for the kids as they have a planetarium, fish tank, and an IMAX theatre. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is also a good Museum to visit. The attraction of this museum is that art and artifacts are arranged in a different manner than the usual sterile manner in the other museums. The entry fee is very low for this museum. Paul Revere’s house is one of the landmarks of the Boston city. It is the oldest building in Boston and represents American history and the events that took place and passed through the legends. It was owned by Paul Revere for 30 years in the 1700s.

Museum of Science

Boston has some of the finest museums that are second to none in the world.  The Museum of Science at Science Park is the most visited Boston museum. The museum of science has over four hundred exhibits that are very interactive. The most famous exhibits include a planetarium, the Virtual Fish Tank and an IMAX theater. This museum is a great place for kids as they can learn while being entertained.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is the largest art museum in New England. This museum is renowned for possessing the largest collection of works by French Impressionist, Claude Monet, outside France. The spectacular changing exhibitions are another famous attraction in this museum

Back Bay

The Back Bay is built on a landfill which is made of the soil around that place. The Back Bay is one of the fine examples of the 19th-century architecture and now serves as the basement for the Boston City’s tallest buildings namely the John Hancock and the Prudential towers. This place is also famous for many hotels and restaurants.

Harvard Square

Harvard Square is another famous place in Boston and is located across the Charles River. The attraction is the Harvard University yard and was established in 1630. The place is also famous for book stores, boutiques, and street musicians and for its literary history.

Freedom Trail

Boston’s Freedom Trail foundation of the Boston city has laid a trail that connects 16 historical sites. You can purchase a map and you can drive yourself and visit the historical places. Those historical places include The Massacre site, Paul Revere’s House, the Christ Church and much more.

Freedom trail is the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Boston. You can see all the major historical places in Boston by walking along this 2.5-mile long trail. The Freedom Trail starts at the Boston Common and stretches to Bunker Hill in Charlestown, covering all famous locations from the American Revolution. The red line takes you through sixteen main historical locations which include Fanueil Hall Old Meeting House, Paul Revere’s home and others.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park is the best place to be on a summer afternoon with the sun shining. It is the home of the famous MLB team Boston Red Sox since 1912. Try to get tickets and watch the red sox in action. Otherwise, you can opt for behind the scene tours of the Fenway.

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Things to do in Boston

Are you going to visit Boston? Try these useful things to do tips to make your trip great fun.

Boston Beaches

There are a number of beaches in Boston, but we advise you the names of the best Boston beaches that will make your trip an unforgettable one. The best beach is the Crane Beach which has a magnificent area and at an hour’s walk in the lush green Castle Hill Estate. If you want to go to a family beach it is the Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester. Your family will find a very friendly atmosphere at this beach. And if you are interested in some cool swimming then go to Buzzards Bay Beaches where the Old Silver beach is the most loved beach among all.

Essex for Antiquing

People out there who have a craze for collecting antiques should visit the Essex market where the antique markets are located and sell amazing antique things at very affordable prices. You get classic antique goods at unbelievable prices. There are various popular shops that exclusively deal in antiques like Antiques & Elderly Things, Joshua’s Corner, Golden Egg Antiques and Fine Art and Caveat Emptor.  These are the affordable ones. Anyhow you can take a walk through an expensive antique goods shop for a nice window shopping.

Downtown Crossing

If you are tired of tourist choked spots in Boston, simply pick your wallet and move to Downtown Crossing. Let me tell you, Downtown Crossing is a place where many Bostonians come for shopping. This place offers the best prices for shopping of all kinds. You get heavy discounts and you can use your bargain skills fully when you are in this market.  You can buy books, jewelry, shoes, clothes and more for a very suitable price. This thing to do in Boston will for sure add to your treasure.

The Light Show at the Stone Zoo

The light takes place each night from 5pm to 9pm. You and your family will completely enjoy the show and remember it for years to come. The whole area is decorated with lights just like on Christmas day and Santa, elves and reindeer, bears, skaters and all the traditional characters of the winter holidays are made to stand around a facsimile of the LaBrie’s famous indoor pool. The area emits a fragrance of festive mood leaving the visitors fascinated.

The Music Clubs

For music lovers, there is no dearth of good music clubs in Boston. The Middle East, Johnny D’s, Paradise, The Bears Place, and many more clubs come in the list of best music clubs in Boston. Numerous excellent bands perform in these clubs, entertaining the visitors and enthralling them with the ultimate music. When you are at one of the music clubs, you go through a completely different experience with music.

Essex Marina

Essex Marina has an elite experience to offer. You can enjoy the best river cruises at Essex Marina. It’s the best place you can go to when you have no other place to go in Boston. The Essex River Cruises offers a ninety-minute trip abroad to the Essex River Queen each day. So don’t miss this special river cruise when you visit Boston. It gives immense pleasure to water sports lovers and other visitors alike when they are on the river cruise.

Massachusetts Bay for Whale Watching

Visit Massachusetts Bay for another fine experience during your Boston trip. At this bay, you can watch the whales closely. But as the whales reside in the center of the water body you have to buy a cruise ticket to watch the whales. These cruise companies take you for an incredible ride and make you watch nature’s fine creation, the whale. And you can also amuse yourself with other small fishes you get you to see while cruising. The Cape Ann Whale Watch, The East India Cruise Company, and The New England Aquarium are some of the cruise companies that organize whale watch trips.

These are only listed a few things to do in Boston. There are many more fun activities to consume your time in Boston. Want to know them? Book your trip to Boston and get a first-hand experience.